Financial planning

If your financial cloud is too foggy, you need a plan. A personal financial plan.

Financial planning is an ongoing process to help people make rational decisions about their actual financial situation in order to reach financial peace of mind in the future.


Income planning: how to structure my income in the best way possible
Asset planning: how to structure my assets int he best way possible
Pension planning: how to ensure my standard of living once retired
Inheritance planning: how to organise my inheritance

Our goal is to offer a financial plan, following a few basic steps: (6 steps towards your own personal financial plan)

  • Prepare a personal net worth statement - A snapshot of assets and liabilities
  • Defining your goals and wishes
  • Analyse your current situation
  • Develop the plan
  • Implement the plan
  • Monitoring and review of the plan from time to time

Carré de Finance has the intellectual rights on the concept of the financial planning services and is able to provide the expertise in marketing and practical organization to set up a financial planning activity for its clients. Just contact us and leave your financial future in our hands!